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Video Alarm System

Project Description

Video Alarm System Installation

What is a Video Alarm System?

A video alarm system is similar to a traditional motion detector but includes live video that gives law enforcement a head start time to catch criminals in the act of theft. Video a video alarm system works using built-in motion detectors, once triggered  special inferred cameras begin recording 10 seconds. After the alarm has been set off, video footage of the intruder is sent wirelessly to a monitoring specialists that is on duty 24/7. This monitoring specialist immediately notifies the police as well as the business owner in the form of an email and phone call to ensure that the intruder is not a company employee. This type of video surveillance is actually giving police the advantage to capture thieves in the act and save lost property.

Video Alarm System Uses

  • Home – Yard/Garage
  • Lumber Yard
  • Construction Site
  • Commercial Property
  • Real Estate Investment Property
  • Hardware Stores
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Warehouse
  • & More!

What Are the Benefits of a Video Alarm System?

Mobile / 4 Year Battery

Each wireless camera comes equipped with a battery that can last up to 4 years saving money in electricity and installation costs. Since the camera is wireless and battery powered it gives business owners the advantage to move the camera to new areas to catch intruders.

Fast Police Responses / Accidental Police Calls Prevention

Video alarm systems are proving their value time and time again by giving police the ability to respond to crimes while they happen instead of watching video surveillance of the thieves after they left. Traditional alarm systems can cost businesses thousands of dollars in misuse of police calls unlike video alarms that confirm the presences of a non-employee.

Virtual Security Guard VS Traditional Security Guard

A video alarm system acts like a virtual security guard and has more benefits than a traditional security guard. A security guard can only be at one place at a time, but a video alarm system can monitor and detect crime in multiple locations.

Recover Lost Materials and Tools

With the ability to have fast police response times businesses are saving money on material and tool replacements. Video alarm surveillance is allows law enforcement to catch criminals during theft thus resulting in minimal to no loss.

Ease of Mind

Leave your home or business in peace with a video alarm system. Know that your location will be monitored and handled in the case that an intruder attempts to burglarize your location.

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